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International Business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

Universal Business - Assignment Example The World Trade Organization (WTO) is a post-war foundation, which was basically set up as an endeavor to change world exchange. Before this, exchange settlements were led by International Trade Organization (ITO) and afterward by GATT. The finish of Uruguay Round in 1994 prompted foundation of WTO and this was a significant takeoff from GATT on two principle grounds. The first was consideration of better question settlement measure so as to advance worldwide participation and the second was incorporation of agribusiness and administrations in the understandings to fundamentally advance advancement of the creating nations. The motivation behind this paper is to break down the job of WTO in advancing monetary advancement among countries. The framework works in the extent of multilateral exchange understandings to add to monetary turn of events and work for all its part countries. The association has its central command in Geneva with 159 part nations. China was one of the last nations to have joined WTO, which impactsly affected the whole worldwide exchange (Faizel, 2005). One of the essential focal point of WTO since its initiation has been the advancement of free and reasonable exchange through multilateral dealings. The WTO includes all its part nations in the dynamic procedure to guarantee that results from the understandings are reasonable for all. The monetary justification behind this thought is that global exchange has a significant job in lightening of destitution. The WTO has understood that least-created nations are the most helpless ones and consequently, resolves to expand their cooperation in the multilateral exchanging framework, along these lines relegating equivalent significance to these nations (Klug, 2006). The errand embraced by WTO is an extremely unpredictable one since its part nations have diverse political, legitimate and efficient status. This implies created nations are in a superior position

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Inner Conflict free essay sample

The play Away, by Michael Gow, shows the inward clash of a character named Gwen who is attempting to acknowledge change and let her little girl go. Gwen and her little girl Meg are consistently in steady clash with one another; noteworthy that Gwen is losing control of her life. As she battles to keep up her hold on her little girl she fixes her grasp on her societal position. Her procession is the image for her status, â€Å"We’ve got a convoy, everything in it you could want†. The band has everything that a typical white collar class family would have at their home and shows that Gwen doesn’t need any change on her vacation as her convoy is an imitation of her home. Later a tempest comes and demolishes her troop hence annihilating her status and driving her into change. Gwen encounters change and is at long last ready to acknowledge it, she relinquishes her hold on her little girl consequently settling her contention. We will compose a custom exposition test on Inward Conflict or then again any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page The character Tom, in Michael Gow’s play Away, is encountering disturbance inside himself as he is kicking the bucket from Leukemia and his folks are persuaded that Tom not realizing will reduce the agony for him however in genuine actuality Tom thinks about his infection as of now. Every relative needs the best for one another yet this makes every individual endure alone and halting them in supporting one another. Tom needs his folks to accept that he doesn't know about the ailment so as to fulfill them, however this decision has lead him to enduring alone with his ailment. They show their clumsy relationship through duologues as every relative need the best for one another and their discussions are unbalanced, as tom realizes that his folks are misleading him so he is continually attempting to maintain a strategic distance from discussions with them. A case of their relationship is through this duologue; Harry: â€Å"when you have children you’ll hear what I’m saying. † Tom: â€Å"Come on father you’re getting tired† The contention that every individual is having, not having the option to come clean rather managing it inside, shows that internal clash can make extraordinary torment a person. In the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, coordinated by Gil Junger, Patrick Verona, an insubordinate young person, encounters a battle wether to tell his better half Kat that he was offered cash to date her and in this way chance his relationship with her. The method demonstrated is incongruity as he keeps taking hush-money despite the fact that he has said that he has begun to look all starry eyed at her. The accompanying duologue is a case of this; KAT: â€Å"Really? How right? An initial installment every so often a reward for laying down with me?

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Relationship Between Rewards and Employees Motivation

Connection Between Rewards and Employees Motivation Writing audit Employees are among the key partners in practically all associations and their prosperity is ordinarily vital if an association needs to prevail in the lively business world.Advertising We will compose a custom research paper test on Relationship Between Rewards and Employee’s Motivation explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More As the trade world and its administration develop towards an increasingly entangled business and hierarchical condition, which has been a test to flourish through, a continuum of difficulties is continuously getting famous. Henceforth, keeping representatives on board is fundamental for corporate development (McCooey, 173). Hierarchical administration together with its fitness and its techniques towards overseeing human capital combined with how it keeps up the vital compatibility among workforces has been shaping various worldwide organizations discussions (Zingheim, Schuster, and Dertien 3). A finishing number of investigat es like examinations by Elton and Gostick (56-98), Gordon (84-112), and Kaye (106-139) have effectively connected on regular methodologies that associations utilize to enlist, hold, and save their representatives with considerable proof showing that these elements have been constant center discussions in various associations. The ability of a representative to stay faithful and committed to their association relies upon sensibly a few components and the majority of them have consistently remained underestimated and misinterpreted by associations and governments. On worldwide summation, overviews and studies directed inside created countries, particularly the United States of America have demonstrated that in spite of the brassy joblessness rates that are continually turning out to be mayhem to monetary development, there is impressively an intense ability deficiency in these nations. The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics (BLS) â€Å"reports an expanding pattern in deliberate term inations, and the pace of joblessness for individuals with higher educations is about portion of the national joblessness rate and is decreasing† (Scott, Mullen, and Royal 2).Advertising Looking for examine paper on business financial matters? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More From this announcement, one would then comprehend that maintenance of basic gifts particularly the talented and experienced workers who are dynamic entertainers is fundamental during monetary recuperations especially in the ongoing decades where forceful market rivalry is famous. As expressed by Scott, Mullen, and Royal, key ability typically adds to present and future authoritative execution since they become solid movers of firm achievement (2). A continuum of studies exhibiting a positive connection between's representative prize procedures and worker Retention is developing exponentially. Worker maintenance and its status in ME Any association decided towards accomplishing its crucial, and targets or in any event, increasing a serious edge in the market, needs to comprehend the noteworthiness of regarding and remembering the criticalness of having potential representatives, clients and different partners. The mission to improve execution in associations is driving the business world into understanding viewpoints concerning representative fascination and maintenance, and progressive years may tear much from the present mediations (Philips and Connell 93). In its most clear way, representative maintenance may allude to the board methodologies set by associations to keep up their staff, workforce, or work power. Naris and Ukpere attest, â€Å"Qualified representatives are alarms and in this manner foundations should be proactive when creating maintenance methodologies and that maintenance should begin with the sets of expectations, direction program, enlistment and selection† (1078). HR held and regarded by their ass ociations, while gave various expert and monetary development openings remembering strengthening and prizes for their significant exhibition, feel roused and thusly reward their organizations through positive working (Hafisa, Shah, and Jamsheed 327).Advertising We will compose a custom research paper test on Relationship Between Rewards and Employee’s Motivation explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Employers utilize reward methodologies for representative maintenance. Representative maintenance in organizations working inside the Middle East nations where advertise for both human capital and modern items is developing fundamentally has been an illicit relationship of extraordinary financial concern. Attracting exercises from their partners most created countries including Germany, The United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and China, organizations in the Middle East have marginally started seeing the centrality of using reward techniques in holding their workforce. Be that as it may, it is as yet an oddity. As indicated by an as of late finished up 2012 review led by Deloitte, â€Å"employee confidence has been decreasing in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) as Europe battles with obligation emergencies, the eventual fate of the euro, and expanded obtaining costs† (11). In this equivalent overview, of all mechanical workforce, met, around half of EMEA that records to 47 percent announced diminished degrees of assurance for as far back as year, as differentiated to 38 percent in American organizations and just 33 percent Asian Pacific zones (Deloitte 11). For the effective organizations with these countries, reward systems were famous. Normal Forms of remuneration procedures As a method of acknowledging and perceiving the hugeness of compensating key gifts and talented workforce that are center highlights of firm’s development, a few organizations have been utilizing an assortment of remunerations techniques. Normal ly, two types of remuneration techniques are utilized by association in repaying their workforce and they incorporate monetary and non-budgetary prizes (Hafisa, Shah, and Jamsheed 332).Advertising Searching for inquire about paper on business financial aspects? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More Money related prizes are fiscal blessings that businesses offer to their workforce relying upon various authoritative compensating conventions mainly to improve inspiration. As per concentrates by Podmoroff (72-108) and Thomas (63-127), rewards that don't include financial adjustments structure some portion of the basic prize systems that businesses use to spur workers. This type of characteristic inspiration is the best type of inspiration and it applies socio-mental methodologies. As anyone might expect, â€Å"financial impetuses help drive representative fulfillment, with almost seven out of ten (68 percent) exceptionally fulfilled employees†¦reporting great compensation bundle, however the nature of a company’s non-money related motivating forces s additionally a solid marker of generally speaking satisfaction† (Deloitte 5). This angle implies that both of these remunerating representative plans have consistently been critical in guaranteeing worker work fulfil lment, inspiration and all the more significantly, authoritative achievement or points achievement. Prize procedures and high worker turnover While attempting to comprehend the importance of remuneration systems as approaches towards representative maintenance, one must comprehend the unanticipated difficulties coming about because of worker turnover. Since worker turnover basically suggests to the rate at which an association relying upon its business arrangements lose or secure its workforce, a subject of enthusiasm from ebb and flow look into is ascending from this point (McCooey 172; Silverstein 84). A propitious relationship connecting absence of remuneration systems and the consistently developing difficulties in regards to controlling high representative turnover is assorted and persuading. Employer’s absence of duty to improve their compatibility with their workforce is bringing up issues about the high work turnovers experienced as of late inside the contemporary wor ldwide business domain. Compensating devoted, capable, and talented basic experts in a given association have related with more prominent prospects of lessening high representative turnover and improving efficiency too (Naris and Ukpere 1081). With associations blindfolded and unequipped for seeing the immediate expense identifying with high turnover coming about because of oppressive authority obliviousness contemplates uncover that consistent lose and addition of workforce brings about authoritative inadequacy since creation gets conflicting. High work turnover affected by profoundly qualified and experienced representatives, coupled by poor administration in associations ordinarily results to loss of assurance among laborers. Prize methodologies on maintenance As forthcoming certifiable connection exists between remuneration techniques and representative fulfillment, inspiration, strengthening lastly maintenance, much has extended on the degrees of work turnover that is getting h ard to oversee. Work turnover has been on standard discussions in organizations working inside Europe, Middle East, and Africa, with proof uncovering that high turn is getting unmanageable because of absence of vital administration moves toward that include worker maintenance measures (Shields 130). From a similar examination by Shields (130), inability to give great working conditions, combined with insignificant or non-presence of representative inspiration focused activities is making inconceivable oddity in keeping up HR in associations, as associations are overpowered to prevail with high staff turnover than keeping scaled down, however gifted workforce. Best associations have recorded paranormal tirelessness in monetary misfortunes by guaranteeing that they have occupied with representative solace and inspiration. Both budgetary and non-money related prizes have been key on-screen characters on spurring representatives acro

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Troys Characters Research Paper - 1100 Words

Troy's Characters (Research Paper Sample) Content: Topic:Name:Institution:Date:Tracing and examining how Troys character changes over the course of the play. Is he a villain, a modern hero, a tragic figure or a combination of these? Troy transforms into a fearful, unloved and lonely person from his initial status as the center of focus on his social world and family relationship. Although, Troy tries to escape his life, he engages life and challenges death using his convictions. Troys character changes over the course of the play. His character displays a combination of various personalities; though he can be considered as a modern tragic hero. Wilson August depicted most of the characters having distinct roles which have made it easy for the readers to understand their personalities. Troy is the most difficult character to understand in the play. His mindset is fixed on the past; he faces tragic flaw because he does not let the past go. Troys life revolves around hardships, abuse, poverty, conflicts, and racial discr imination which had negative effects in his life including people around him. The aim of this paper is to justify that in this play, August Wilson wanted to make readers understand how complex Troy Maxson (the modern tragic hero of the play) is. Fences examines the conflicts in Troys mindset. He lives in a Christian-oriented society but believes that Christianity is not a religion for the black Americans (Shannon 127). He is convinced that Christian God forsaken African American people. The play is set during 1950s in which Troy is depicted as a garbage collector. He is so frustrated because he struggles with the impacts of abandoning school early in order to assist his father in doing farming. Poverty influenced him to start robbing and later he was imprisoned because he murdered somebody. In his fifteenth year in prison, Troy realized that he is talented in baseball sports. He remained determined to achieve his potential in the baseball game, though was denied the opportunity bec ause of his African origin. He does not go for church services to seek direction or comfort. Menson-Furr views that the play begins with Troy and Bono journey to home after completing their job on Friday (181). Troy is seen complaining about racial discrimination that black Americans are facing at workplace. He is angry that only white men are allowed to work as truck drivers while African Americans reduced only to work as garbage collectors. His upset also is triggered by unfulfilled talent of his baseball sports and having served imprisonment in jail for several years. All these negatively affect his relationship with his brother (Gabriel), his son (Cory), his wife (Rose) and other characters. Despite, he loves his wife; Troy has an affair with Alberta. Later, Alberta becomes pregnant, but she dies in childbirth; thus leaving the baby girl to Troy, who has no alternative, but asks Rose to take care of the child. He is a self-inflicted person; this is a problem that influenced him to deny his son obtaining scholarship through his football career. He becomes loveless, friendliness, and lonely when his secrets, anger, and fear begin affecting him, and consequently, his loved ones disrespect him. Lives of his family members changed, and they no longer depend on his presence. Wilson presents that although, people around Troy warn him that the actions he is doing have tragic effects, he stubbornly continues to follow his own actions (11). Troy is dissatisfied with his life. He is unhappy because racial discrimination stopped his interest in becoming pro baseball player. As the garbage collector, Troy feels unfulfilled and trapped. Cory obtains an opportunity to join college based on a football scholarship, although Troy declines to sign the permission paper. Troy claims that he does not want his son to experience suffering from the similar racial discrimination which barred Troy from becoming an active baseball player. This becomes a major problem when Troy inform s Corys high School football coach that Cory can no longer play football anymore. This ruins Corys hopes of joining college. Troy creates both small and big conflicts with all characters in the play (Snodgrass 27). He causes conflicts as a consequence of his ability to believe in self-created illusions. He believes in illusions as a result of his inability of accepting choices and reality in real life. Troy is a responsible person, but his thwarted dreams influence him to believe in self-created illusions (Elam 346). In the play, Troy entertains Rose and Bono with an epic narrative about his struggle with a personified death or evil character. Troy often re-inflicted his battle against Death Personified that he always narrates in a baseball terminology; although, with time this became a reality. He meets his death while fighting the rag ball he tied to a tree in the garden. During his funeral, Troys family members renewed their relationships; Rose gently advises Cory to abandon t he emotional fences which have been separating him with Troy. When he is so self-pitied and vulnerable, Troy talks about his pastime life experience rather than seeking Christian inspirations to heal his emotional wounds. He prefers the pastime life experience since they have cultural response of the African Americans to the situations which faced them. Such a belief cultural system is quite different from Christianity. Troy believes in such a cultural system that allows his marital infidelity and encourages the habit of extorting his brothers money. While his is not interested in Christianity, Troy is obsessed with his baseball game which is more relevant in his life. According to Shannon, whereas Alberta provides Troy with unconditional emotional and physical relationship, Gabriel offers him with a financial base (134). Troy thinks that he does not require any divine inspiration while such human alternatives are ava...

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Organizational Structure for Hydrobuck - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 897 Downloads: 10 Date added: 2017/09/21 Category Advertising Essay Type Argumentative essay Did you like this example? Junqiang (Jason) LI ISE 517 Dear Ms Wanda Fields: Whether a company is newly forming or already established, it’s very important that the company have a strong leadership system and effective organizational structure. In an effort to continue your company’s growth and vitality, I strongly recommend that Hydrobuck change organizational structure as Hydrobuck is now planning to design and produce motor in the 50-150 horsepower range. After careful consideration, I found the functional organization would be the best organizational structure for your company to reach your planned objective. Introduction to Functional Organization Functional Organizational Structure [pic] Figure 1: Example of Functional Organization From: Steve Benshoof Advantage of Functional Organization 1. â€Å"Highly flexible staff use† 2. â€Å"Ease of switching experts among projects in same functional division† 3. â€Å"Specialist pooling in functional division† 4. â⠂¬Å"Technological continuity† 5. â€Å"Quicker career advancement of specialists† Disadvantage of Functional Organization 1. â€Å"Project not client focused† 2. â€Å"Different goals between functional parent division and project† 3. Project manager competes with financial manager for role of central project responsibility† 4. â€Å"Slow response to client needs† 5. â€Å"Weaker project team motivation than in pure project organization† Functional organization would best suit the company’s current situation and objective. 1. Hydrobuck is a medium-sized company which doesn’t have a lot of human resources but needs to continue producing the small motors. Functional organization would be more advantageous than other organizational structures because it has highly flexible staff use and it’s easier for Hydrobuck to switch experts between small motors and large motors projects. . As pursuing the opportunity of the large motors is the main objective of Hydrobuck currently, functional organization would make it possible to pool specialist in functional division to focus on that project. 3. The internal workings of the large motors are quite similar to those of the smaller motors. Thus functional organization is more advantageous than other organizational form because it can provide the advantage of technological continuity. 4. Hydrobuck is the leading producer of small motors, and I believe the clients would be confident of the large motors Hydrobuck produced. Thus, although functional organization is not client focused, there will be no problem in marketing as long as the new product is of fine quality. Successful examples are everywhere in the market: Sony, who achieved great success with walkman, also made a great profit from walkman’s related products, such as Mini-Disc and Mp3 because of consumers’ confidence in Sony’s audio products. Moreover, purposely assigning a mark eting team to follow the client needs can help to pass the feedback from clients to the technological team and to reduce the negative effect of the disadvantages of slow response to client needs. . Hydrobuck is financially secure, so project managers can have full project authority and avoid competition between the project managers and financial manager over the responsibility for the central project. 6. The project team motivation would be stronger than in pure project organization because designing, producing and selling the large motors is the main goal of the project team. A qualified project manager could also play an important role in motivating workers. 7. This organizational form is more flexible compared with the other forms. As we don’t know whether the large motors project will succeed or not, this flexibility can be conducive to continue on producing small motors. 8. Functional organization is more superior in terms of tolerating the risk of failure of that pro ject. If Hydrobuck use functional organization, it would not rely on the success of the new project as much as using the other organizations, such as matrix project organization and pure project organization. Once the new project fail, Hydrobuck does not have to change the organizational structure. . Functional organization would avoid the stockpiling of expertise and equipment to assure a critical state is never reached since the expert and the equipment would not be attached to the new project and would be flexible to switch between small motors producing and large motor project. And since Hydrobuck is a medium sized company, and doesn’t have a lot of experts and equipments, the negative effect of stockpiling expertise and equipment would be relatively large. 10. Hydrobuck need to continue producing small size motors, and if functional organization is implemented, there will not be problems of inconsistency in carry out policies and procedures because the staff would wor k at a constant department and does not need to switch between project team frequently. 11. Although functional organization would be less effective in carrying out a project, two years will provide enough time for Hydrobuck to meet the objective of the large motors project. (see Figure 4) [pic] Figure4: Rated Effectiveness of Different Project Structures by Type of Project From Steve Benshoof Weighing the pros and cons of the functional organization, the functional organization is our best option since hydrobuck is medium-sized company and the leading producer of small outboard motors. Conclusion Functional organization have the advantages of 1)Highly flexible staff use; 2)Ease of switching experts among projects in same functional division; 3)Specialist pooling in functional division; 4)Technological continuity; 5)Quicker career advancement of specialists. All of them are of great benefit for Hydrobuck, which is a medium-sized producer of gasoline-powered outboard motors and a financially-secured leading producer of small outboard motors. If my suggestion is accepted, not only the Hydrobuck’s vitality and growth will continue, but that Hydrobuck can catch the opportunity of large outboard motors. I sincerely hope that you can seriously take my advice into consideration Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Organizational Structure for Hydrobuck" essay for you Create order

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The Difference Between Appearance And Reality - 2249 Words

Katrina Voorman December 15, 2014 Mrs. Norman Period 8 English III H Research Paper Many times, humans cannot-or choose not to-understand the difference between appearance and reality. For example, an actor or actress in a play dons a costume to portray a character. After doing so, the actor or actress play is no longer depicting themselves, but someone different altogether. Doing so alters the reality of whom they are in the performance and who they really are. Until they take off their costume, they are someone else entirely. In day to day life, many people hide negative emotions with a smile. A smile is the best guise against depressive emotions. It gives the impression that someone is okay, and that all is well. People assume that a smile means that someone is jovial, happy, or even in a neutral mood, when in reality, they are hiding how they really feel behind a mask. By doing so, people are able to conceal their true feelings and intentions. Shakespeare’s classic comedy, â€Å"A Midsummer Night’s Dream†, presents â€Å"a deep ironic contr ast exists between manner and matter, between style and content, between the way people are behaving and what the words are actually saying.† (Rahn, â€Å"Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Sex, Satire and the Supernatural†, Throughout action in the play, many of the characters are unable to decipher the difference between appearances versus reality in numerous different cases. The disguises present in this classicShow MoreRelatedAppearance Vs Reality Essay1151 Words   |  5 PagesAppearance and Reality There are numerous philosophical concepts that have been developed over the years. Great philosophical minds have come up with new ideas and created debates that have lasted for many years. Some of the most renowned philosophers include Socrates, Friedrich Nietzsche, Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Rene Descartes, Karl Marx, John Stuart Mill, and John Locke. Modern day philosophy borrows heavily from the work that was created by early philosophers. The philosophers have beenRead MoreThe Reality Of The Beholder From The Ancient Dialogues From Plato And Socrates1263 Words   |  6 PagesWhat is Reality? I plan on discussing each section of this essay; however, they do coincide with each other in the topic. I will try to explain my reasoning on how they would question relates to one another. First, what is the difference between appearance and reality? What is the reality of being in a new place, instead of being in a society of other people around you? Does one person think they can another’s perception of their world? Does everything lead to good, and what is good in theRead MoreBorn in the 5th century BCE, Plato was a rationalist, idealist philosopher, believing that we are1100 Words   |  5 Pagesquestion of ‘What is reality?’, that he called the theory of Forms (Solomon, et al., 2012). According to Plato, the Forms are a perfect ideal of an object or a concept, which is unchanging and innate within us (Solomon, et al., 2012). It is because of the Forms, according to Plato, that we have the ability to know what something is even though we may not have seen that exact thing before (Solomon, et al., 2012). According to Plato, an appearance is what you see. The appearance is what we see, it isRead MoreEssay on Huck Finn: Appearance Versus Reality1157 Words   |  5 Pagesimpression they get. The appearance people see will usually satisfy them without further investigating into the reality of a situation. The difference between appearance and reality can be quite different. This also applies to literature. There are many instances where an author will describes a character as kind, but is actually deceptive and mean. In the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, there are characters and situations that show how appearances can differ from reality. The three main instancesRead MoreTartuffe: Truth and Religious Teachings Essay893 Words   |  4 Pages2850 TR54C October 13, 2009 The Illusions That Define Us: Appearance versus Reality â€Å"Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration.† That quote by Nicollo Machiavelli is simply defined as, what you see is not always what you get and few men have the gift of being able to see through an appearance. In Tartuffe and Monkey, appearances are far from reality in many instances. Even though both texts were written in differentRead MoreMacbeth - Appearance vs. Reality1537 Words   |  7 PagesAppearance vs. Reality – Macbeth: Commentary Macbeth is a play written by William Shakespeare, which focuses on the life of Macbeth. Out of the four Shakespearean play categories, it is categorized as a tragedy, as the events of the play ultimately lead to the downfall of the protagonist, Macbeth. The theme of appearance versus reality is constantly repeated throughout the play, as it greatly contributes to the development of the plot. The idea is constantly conveyed by the characters using a pleasantRead MoreThe Wachowski Brothers The Matrix811 Words   |  4 Pagesform of reality. The machines have enslaved humans by hooking them up to the matrix so that they can harvest them as an energy source. A number of people have been able to escape the matrix and they continue to fight the war against the machines in hopes of being able to free everyone still trapped within the matrix. Throughout the film the main characters Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity enter back into the matrix several times for various reasons. Because the film bou nces back and forth between realityRead MorePlato vs. Nietzsche1140 Words   |  5 Pageswere the reality and appearance; and what they mainly focused on is where we as humans stand between these two. Of course, regarding the fact that Plato and Nietzsche lived in different time periods, they had their differences that conflict with each other’s theories. But they do have something to agree upon; they both argue that humans live in an illusory world of our own that we think is reality when we actually are not. One important idea they disagree on is their concepts on what is reality and whatRead MoreOthello Essay, Appearance vs Reality1175 Words   |  5 PagesThroughout history there has been a general understanding that appearances can be deceiving. A person may go through life without anyone understanding the true reality of their character. William Shakespeare, one of the greatest writers of all time, understood the relationship between appearance and reality and often g ave characters two sides to their personality. One of the most fundamental questions in philosophy is the one of appearance vs. reality. We find ourselves asking the question of what is genuinelyRead MoreEpistemology, By Robert Nozick918 Words   |  4 Pagesmust be believable or it will not be considered knowledge. Many people believe that knowledge is based off of only beliefs, but it’s also based off of truth too. You have to combine truth and beliefs into two to create knowledge, giving us the difference between the false and the truth. Epistemology is important due to the fundamentals of the way we think. In the article of â€Å"Conditions for Knowledge† Robert Nozick believes that a belief is somewhat of a fact without some truth. Nozick calls this

Wooquer Case Analysis free essay sample

?With the rapid evolution and expansion of the Indian retail environment, Madura FL’s ability to morph in response to market demands and consumer needs is nonnegotiable. Engaging and managing their workforce is highly important as success within the retail industry is directly correlated to supporting a consistent brand image and providing a superior customer experience. With broadly distributed locations and employee base, it is crucial that consistent standard operating procedures be established and implemented to facilitate their ambitious expansion plans. To address this issue, Madura FL should implement a cloud platform such as Wooqer to achieve operational effectiveness while enabling flexibility and real time collaboration to support consistency and innovation. In the effort to capitalize upon the rapidly growing apparel sector, leadership at Madura looks to increase revenues by increasing market share through expanding to new store locations. Arising with this geographic expansion is the critical need for efficient management of training, compliance, and SOPs. Coverage and consistency of these procedures is imperative to the operational efficiency and positioning of Madura, as a superior customer experience could not be delivered without a clear knowledge of the company, brand, and product. Customization and flexibility is also important to MFL as within a changing, competitive, and diverse environment, it is essential to innovation and establishing a competitive advantage in delivering value. With competition increasing within the sector, the assurance of quality, consistency, and superior customer experience is key to success and longevity. With values that honor human touch, empowerment, responsiveness to consumer needs, and effective communication, MFL looks to enhance their strategic positioning by harnessing the power of technology to implement a comprehensive approach that reflects these values. With operations over 5 channels and over 200 cities with 8 premium brands, maintaining effective informational systems and consistent standard operating procedures are essential to enabling Madura’s alignment with their company values. Engaging, developing, and managing the MFL workforce is first priority as the complexity of managing operations intensifies with expansion. The workforce must be well educated on SOPs, enabled with the resources to successful complete all requirements, and monitored to ensure quality. Given the geographic and demographic diversity of their locations, customization of the training modules must be enabled to facilitate responsiveness to customer needs through the empowerment of leadership, without violating consistency. Current IT solutions available to Madura lacked sufficient consistency and coverage capabilities and were ineffective in managing remote programs. Very few solutions were able to assist in SOP training compliance monitoring. These solutions also hindered Madura’s ability to innovate and adapt to changes in their company’s process, which in turn delayed access to pertinent business information resulting in ineffectiveness. Venkatagiri and Prakash state, â€Å"†¦large-scale IT systems were found to be rigid on the strategic front. ERP systems were criticized for prescribing business processes, rather than accommodating them†(2013). Significant investments have been made by MFL that arguably are capable of satisfying the future demands of the growing company. Multiple platforms were integrated to form a solution that addressed many of the issues faced in the early 2000’s. Their successful implementation of the ERP and SAP greatly improved the consistency of their implementation systems. However, though these strategies successfully enhanced their business practices, gaps still remained in communication, flexibility, and collaboration. â€Å"†¦it was difficult to incorporate mid-course changes as and when the company’s processes evolved. Consequently, any gaps in execution were patched by mechanisms such as emails, spreadsheets, phone calls, and SMS messages. This led to business information becoming inefficient to access†(Venkatagiri and Prakash, 2013). However, by choosing a more malleable solution such as Wooqer, not only would issues regarding the consistency in the training and management of the workforce be addressed, but business practices would be streamlined allowing for resource optimization. â€Å"†¦immediate benefits included the streamlining of various processes that were already running across the organization †¦we found ourselves being able to achieve a lot more with the same set of resources†(Prasad, 2012). With high user centricity and no infrastructure requirements, customization to specific roles, individuals, and geographies is enabled promoting innovation. â€Å"Wooqer has assisted in the democratization of ideas by making sharing of ideas and thoughts more free and open. It has also helped in seeking a majority opinion before implementing the key operational decisions† (Prasad, 2012). Consistent coverage and quality assurance would be ensured as training modules, skills training, etc. , could be provided online and feedback from consumers could be instantly addressed. Real-time analysis and reporting is also supported by a platform such as Wooqer, which increases operational effectiveness. With primary data sources readily available, effective decisions can quickly be made. â€Å"The platform’s analytics offered real-time visibility into usage patterns†¦client firms began to derive actionable insights on what was working and what was not. This led to better effort allocation and cost optimization across stores†(Venkatagiri and Prakash, 2013). Clients implementing Wooqer’s platform experienced approximately a 28% increase in consistency, 3x increase in coverage, and an 87% reduction in effort (Exhibit 10, p10). As MFL moves towards expansion, it is critical that they align their IT strategy with their goal of maintaining value. Effectively engaging and managing their workforce are issues that must be addressed as consistency of operation is essential to the success of Madura FL. To achieve this goal, a service such as Wooqer should be implemented to assist in integrating their business practices to enhance communication, collaboration, and innovation. By utilizing such a technology, the crucial establishment of consistent SOPs would be enabled, supporting its future expansion.